Malimbu Hill

      Created : 11 October 2017

    Malimbu hill is a plateau that serves as a canal from Senggigi Beach, this tourist location is located in the district of West Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. In this location has white sand along the hill. If we are on the hill, tourists will be spoiled with scenic views of the hill and dazzling. The sunset or sunset will be clearly visible from the top peak. To get to this tourist location, tourists must bring food to avoid hunger during the tour here, this is because there is no rental or restaurant at this tourist location.

    Kuta Beach

      Created : 11 October 2017

    Kuta Beach is not only in Bali, but also in Lombok. Located in the village of Kuta, about 56 KM from the city of Mataram, Lombok, Kuta Beach Lombok has sand as smooth as pepper, therefore many locals who call this beach as pepper beach. Kuta Beach Lombok is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Lombok, even one of the most beautiful in Indonesia because it is still rarely touchable by human interference. The main tour on this beach is surfing because its waves are one of the best in the world. Other tours that can be done at Kuta Beach Lombok include: fishing, diving, snorkeling, horse riding, and others.

    Taliwang Chicken

      Created : 11 October 2017

    This is one of the most famous culinary of Lombok. The whole chicken is covered with a special spice sauce then burned or fried. There are many taliwan chicken restaurants that you can find especially in the say-sayang area of Mataram city. Along the street lined taliwang chicken restaurant in this region.

    Rice Puyung

      Created : 11 October 2017

    Rice puyung is mixed rice with peculiar high spicy taste. One serving of puyung rice consists of white rice, meat sauce, ginger soybean seeds, kremes fried potatoes, and sambal. The uniqueness of puyung rice flavor is located on a spicy sauce with special seasoning sasak tribe. Rice puyung you can enjoy in the village puyung Central Lombok district. If you do not have time to go there, you can enjoy the rice puyung in the puyung rice stalls in front of Lombok International Airport.

    Learn To Weave Cloth In Sade Village

      Created : 26 September 2017

    Sade Village is a small village in Central Lombok district in the southern part of the tourist destination.

    Because the inhabitants still maintain the integrity and cultural lifestyle inherited by their ancestors since 600 years ago such as buildings, customs, dances and music games, dress styles and the use of tools for their daily lives are still in the traditional category.

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